Pressure test

So another Sunday has arrived, and I’m finally sitting down to get this blog of mine up to speed. I think I spoke to you last earlier in the week?… you’ll have to excuse me but sometimes I feel a little vague about these things so thought I should double check.

Although things have  been lighter on the ground training wise this week than last I’ve still most importantly found the time to train, and I was pretty pleased to note that the option of training all week is ever present. Where there’s a will there’s a way and I’m happy just to have one gym to train out of. Financially it makes a lot more sense and avoids anything that might amount to gym politics too. I can’t stand gym politics.

Either way, I’m happy and still looking forward to getting back to it next week onwards. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve not been training as much as usual  this week or because I decided to put on my infamous (it’s infamous to me and that’s all that matters) blue tracksuit top to train in to get to a bit of weight off, but this week things have felt a lot tougher.

After 4 or 5 rounds of sparring at one of my sessions this week I was pretty tired and I’ve always prided myself on my stamina. Luckily the ability to just keep going doesn’t seem to have left so I guess my fitness isn’t that bad but this week has equated in a bit of graft.

Then again, I’ve been going out a little more than usual of late so I might put that down  for a couple of weeks and have a detox. Alcohol other than being generally bad for you, is a great way to knock your fitness. But I’m  sure you know that already.

When I’m having one of those moments training it’s usually a good push and tells me quite quickly how much I can give when I really need to. I think the trick with Thai is fundamentally having the ability not to give up no matter how tough it gets in there.

Video 3 0 00 28-11

I’ve had fights where I’ve gone through hell and back but I’ve still kept going. Even when I’ve been  on the back foot, I’ve found that sheer grit and determination has often helped me either see things through to the finish or on a few occasions tip the odds in my favour. When your sucking on canvas with a crowd baying for your blood (I’ve been there a couple of times in the past) getting up can be the hardest thing in the world. If you do make it up then you have to try and recover what you lost.

My last fight (towards the end of 2015) saw me come back stronger to the point a few people said I won. I’ve found that the drills I’ve been taught in training and the combinations I’ve found work for me are always tested when I’m under pressure. It’s not really the techniques  I remember but  what my body remembers that I find are the most effective under pressure. Muscle memory as it’s called is crucial when your getting a push.

There’s been a few occasions when I’ve been training hard for a fight, I’ve flaked out after a tough session at the gym only to be suddenly woken up by my left kick (it’s always the left ) trying to give the duvet a dead leg. I guess that’s when you know it’s finally sinking in.

I’m pleased I’ve had the summer off. It put things into perspective and it’s nice just being at the gym and not thinking about when the next fight is all the time. As a paradox I’m looking forward to hopefully making a return later in the year. Ha a return… well you know, it’s good fun. :). Unless your getting filled in. That’s not so great.I promise to think positive from here on in.

Even though I find it’s important to be able to cope under pressure, it’s just as important to be able to keep the pressure on when your fighting. I’m still of the mindset that the later rounds are the most important (I know this is the general attitude in Thailand) and as the saying goes its not how you start but how you finish that can make or break a fight. And I think that really applies to whatever level you fight at.

I think next week onwards I’m going to focus a little more on picking my stamina up a little and switching my Mr relentless head on, although this week I’ve started to make myself stand my ground a little more and make people come to me if their taller.

It’s kind of working but I still need to get my speed up with my counters although a few aren’t too bad. Walking forward never hurts anyone ideally other than the person in front of you, so I’m pleased that little bit of courage is still there too. Courage is one word for it anyway.

It’s been good catching up with you as always, and I thought this week I’d leave you with another fight.. this time one from way back when. Rungravee vs Seooi. It was the 6th time they fought and you’ll see what I mean by keeping the pressure on/ coping under pressure. Anyway, enjoy, thanks for stopping by and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

Rungravee vs Seeoi VI






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