Last week..

Phew! I made it. I guess it’s better late than never and I’ve already reset myself to get back to writing on a Sunday. I’ve still got to get back to writing every day but that’s a different story. No pun intended. I’ve decided to start the day with a run so I’m feeling reasonably sprightly and mildly invigorated. Maybe that’s the coffee. Anyway, it’s training tonight and that’s always a good thing.

Speaking of training last week was officially awesome. I got near on a full week in at the gym and it feels good to be back on the horse. I always notice the difference when I’m putting in the work and I’m sure this week is going to be better than the last, it’s not been a bad summer so far and putting fighting down for a little while has done me the world of good. I’m looking forward to climbing back onto that particular horse a little later on in the year. Good times and some new goals lie ahead.

Despite starting off last week feeling considerably rustier than usual, I finished on a good note and even wound up getting some clinching and sparring in as well the usual. I like the freedom an open gym session gives sometimes because it lets you work on what you feel you need to, which for me is usually everything. But then again, I am my own worst critic.


We spent a little time last week drilling basic combinations to use under pressure. I’ve mentioned before that I like to remember simple combinations that I know I can use without having to think too much (if that makes sense)and I’m pleased to say last week saw me drilling a couple of new ones. Ones that I knew already granted but ones that I’ve never really thought about using.

Testing them under pressure I was pleased to see that they work and I think I’m going to make a point of continuing to drill them and use them sparring whenever I can. Getting back into the swing of things is of course officially awesome but it’s made me realise there’s still a lot I need to work on. However, I’m getting sharper and I’m still pretty fast when I want to be.

Come the winter I will have taken a year out from fighting and it’s going to be good to see where I’m at and how much things have improved. My left kick is rapidly heading to a good place although frustratingly I don’t twist my hips kicking a pad nearly as much as I do kicking a bag. It’s the little things like that I’ve been focusing on improving and it’s the small adjustments I make that often lead to the biggest improvements. I’m happy with my hands these days too. I hit hard. In fact I hit harder than I used to and that is always a good thing.

I’m going to make a point this week of getting at least a couple of rounds of clinching in as well as usual sparring as I’m feeling rusty and it’s a strength of mine. I’m still just as happy spending time in the clinch. In fact, the fight in the picture above was a clinch war. That one was a draw but a great fight. 🙂

Next month I should be heading out to Europe to catch a martial arts tournament as well as have a well deserved break from the norm. I’m looking forward to a bit of  downtime and if I’m really lucky maybe a bit of sun. Taking a back seat till later in the year isn’t a bad thing, but ok I can feel a familiar itch beginning to bubble up again. Fighting. Yeah that’s good fun. Just before I first started competing I watched a couple of shows and thought ‘I’d like to do that’, these days I’m like ‘might as well get stuck in again.’ ha. Good times.

So looking at the week ahead I’m hoping it’s just as martial as the last one. Training is good fun but it’s graft so I’m going to keep doing my best to put my one and all in again because when it comes down to it, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a great week and train hard. I’ll see you on that road.



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