It’s getting better.

Like a bus the next blog arrives. Here but ever so slightly later than anticipated. Sorry? Procrastination and me are still good mates but like with everything else I get there in the end. Training this week is actually remaining bang on track and I’m in danger of getting to the gym this evening for the third night running. In fact, things in general are taking in shape and being honest I’m a little scared.

I realised the other day that slowly but surely little by little improvements are beginning to happen with what I do and I’ve found the old sense of focus coming back to training that I’ve been lacking for the last few months. That’s gradually applying itself to everything else in my life so I guess I’m a happy boy. Hills and valleys, peaks and troughs. And after a 6k run this morning to start the day it’s safe to say my fitness is still boss.

A big part of Muay Thai is the sheer grit determination not to give up no matter what and although it gets frustrating at points not training as much as I’m used to I’m finally getting myself back on the horse, and beginning to gallop the right way again. It keeps me sharp mentally and physically, keeps me happy and in general is still worth every minute of my time.

My kicks are improving a lot my hands have got a lot better and my elbows and knees aren’t too shabby either. As well as being good for use in the ring I think your elbows and knees are good self defence tools  so I think it’s always worth spending a bit of time practising them too.

Yesterday we finished training with 20 minutes or so working clinching techniques which was nice to get back to. I don’t spend as much time as I should working the clinch these days but I was pleased to find that like with everything else it’s still there, it just needs to get some rust removed and some WD40 applied to get it up to speed again.


I’ve started to get my weight a little lower than it was dropping from a depressing nearly 67 kg to 65.4 kg has made me a happy guy. I mainly attribute that bit of extra flab to not training as much as I would normally and letting my lazy side take over for a bit. The running’s helped get the weight down as well. I’ll be even happier when I shave off another couple of kg and start walking not waddling around.

Despite putting off broadening my horizons and training a little in Panantukan and some of the other Filipino arts as well as Thai I’ve decided to stick to my guns and ease myself into that gently, so next week (for real this time ) I’ll get stuck in.  I always get there in the end.

There’s a great video from the Warrior Collective that helped sparked my interest again. It’s interesting because when I watched the first video (see the Panantukan link above) I could see the similarities  with that style of fighting and with  Thai.

I think I’ll get on well with it and I started off my journey with the ‘self defence’ style of martial arts ( a good friend of mine taught me a little bit of this and that and then I ended up at a Ninjitsu school for 6 months off and on or so before getting into my boxing. )and it’s something I’ve gone back to from time to time. I’m a fan of ‘the scruffy arts’ as Geoff Thompson calls them.

Of course, Thais not getting put to the way side but I’m always up for broadening my horizons and keeping my mind open and thinking outside the ring as well as in it.I think when I’m back in the land of where I want to be with all things Thai and otherwise I can really start focusing on the land of where I want to get to.

The journey is often more important than the destination and the learning is always ongoing. I thought I’d leave you this week with a fight I caught on Muay Ties earlier. Inspiring stuff and when it comes to Thailand in October? I’m on it. Have a good week, and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

Muay Thai- Yodlekpet vs Panpayak 18/7/16

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