Easy does it.

Well here we are again, and it’s as always it’s good to be able to sit down and write. They say that the mornings are the best time for being creative, and I’m getting closer to the regular Sunday blog I keep talking about. You always have to set goals in life no matter how unrealistic they may seem. There we go. I made me laugh. I hope you did as well.

Although last week only saw me spend a little more time than the week previously at the gym as always it was time well spent. I’m pleased to say the one thing I’ve been keeping on top of is running and keeping my stamina up. I had a little shock (I say little being honest I was mortified) when I stepped on the scales at the weekend and saw I was 66.5 kg.

After the ‘you fat bastard’ moment had worn off it sunk in that I’d put on a little more weight due to my lack of constant training at present and also due to the fact I wasn’t pushing myself as much as I’m used to when running. In short I’d become my own worst nightmare. Fat and lazy.

So I decided from that point onwards (bear in mind this was Saturday) that I was going to shape up, fly straight and basically stop lazing around and get some weight off and train more. Since then I’ve been running the past couple of days on the trot (including Saturday morning) and I’ve dropped about just over  half a kg to a kg at the most. Running is great but some of the weight lost does come back on when I drink water and  also eat to live.

I’m aiming to get to around a respectable 64kg, 63.5 kg walk around weight by the end of next week tops. When I am fighting I always fight light so I don’t want to have to go through the hell of ice baths, 15 km runs with a space man sweat suit on and consistently training with 10 layers on to lose the additional bit of weight needed to get to where I need to be if something comes up fighting wise,( And when you think it won’t something usually does) so I’ve decided to put myself through that hell now. Losing a couple of kg isn’t an issue but 3 or 4 could be, So on that basis I’m pretty sure that by next Friday my middle name will be twiggy.

I’m at the gym as usual tomorrow evening and then Friday and Saturday this week so combined with running I think I can make some headway. Being honest although I’ve not been going flat out with everything my fitness isn’t too shabby and being blessed with a high metabolism should help with the little goal I’ve set myself. That and training with ten layers on.


Mentioning food back there has got me thinking a bit about my diet. Less time in the gym can sometimes means a little more time in the pub, and Tescos saw me coming when it decided to start selling 5 cookies for a quid so you know every little helps. Cutting out a bit of crap never hurt anyone, and besides in general I eat pretty healthy. Salads and chicken and fish. That kind of stuff.

I think in general I’m going to start pushing myself a bit more in training. Everything I need is there and I’m pretty strong even on an off day. And ok, I do find myself from time to time shadow boxing in the living room. Now and again the kitchen, like one of my old trainers said to me many years ago ‘you take it home with you.’ I think I always will.

So if I run today I’ll throw in some sprints and when it comes to training I might as well turn it up a little and start really putting in some work again. Not that I don’t anyway, but if you fight then you know what I mean. Really I wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.





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