So last week..

So last week I didn’t train as much as I should of done. I don’t really think it was intentional it was just that due to one thing and another I didn’t seem to find the time I usually do. Though that may not be the most positive start to this week’s (or last week’s blog if you want to get picky) it’s given me a little more drive to make sure I get things back on track this week onwards. You know every time I say that to myself something seems to come up.

Last night I had one of those despondent 5 minutes that strikes us all from time to time. ‘I never seem to find the time to train anymore.. I used to train THIS much.. maybe I’m getting… fill in the rest of the blanks here. My Mr negative always seems to an appropriate statement for that in particular. 

But I guess like with everything else if you have the will then you almost always find the way. Sometimes the hardest part is getting to the gym. Well for some of you anyway. My trick of late has been getting the balance just right, but it seems to be resolving itself. Next Monday I have my first lesson of Suntukan or Panantukan.

It ties in with the Kali they teach too and I’m hoping that not only will it broaden my horizons, over time it will give me a little bit more self discipline and focus with training in general. There’s a couple of good causes I give a lot of my time to these days, but I’m going to make sure training doesn’t fall to the wayside.

In actuality I’ve met a fair share of martial folk  recently who also believe social change and making a difference of late. Now that’s inspiring. Journeys take you to different places and it’s a good road to walk down. Just like with boxing I’m sure it’s one I’m going to be on for many years to come.


One of the things I’ve found frustrating when I intentionally or unintentionally have a little more time out from the gym than usual is a feeling that I’ve taken a step back when I get back into training. Despite the apparent slog to get back to a place I feel comfortable with I’ve gritted my teeth and got on with it, determined just like in the ring not to give up no matter what.

Over the course of time and of course the longer I’ve trained for I’ve realised that although things may seem a little rusty at first, what you’ve learnt  never really goes away. If anything it seems to move to the  ‘here when you want it’ file on the mental hard drive, which is good and also means when I turn up at the gym I have a lot more fun with things than before.

On a good week at present I’m fitting in around 4 or 5  sessions a week and on a bad week, being honest like last week well.. I was only there once. But usually it’s a couple at worst. Things are up and down at points but hey what can I say. I’m a busy person.

You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m pretty adept at giving myself a hard time, so maybe I need to relax a little more and change ‘I must’ to I’m going to (but not make it into a ‘thing’) Either way, regardless of intensity over the course of a week  time at the gym is time well spent. That won’t change.


In terms of what I want the most out of training at the moment,  I guess I’m still of a mindset that I just want to make sure I’m the best I can be by the end of the summer. Of course, with that sort of attitude comes a lot of commitment and a lot of accountability. I think I need to stop making excuses and put in the work as much as I can, and If I’m not able to get there as much as I should.. well I guess I need to make every session count.

I’m hoping that I’m going to be fighting again late this year (these things are never set in stone) so I think it’s important to make sure as well as everything else I do, I keep myself focused with training and keep focusing on what I want. Really that’s the mentality I keep reminding myself to apply to everything else in my life too.

For now as always I’m enjoying the learning, I’m enjoying self defence training and I’m looking forward to starting something new. From what I’ve been told Filipino martial arts compliment Thai well so I think it’s going to be a good  addition to training and should like everything else give as much back as the time I commit to it.

Everyone’s journey is unique to themselves and I’m just as passionate about my own as I ever was. I’m pleased that after all this time I still find what lies ahead just as exciting as it always has been and although focus of late may of been lacking at points, it’s safe to say it’s still there. So this week and the week after that I’m going to make sure I put it to good use. Have a good week, and just like the last time, I’ll see you on that road.






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