Staying focused.

Well, it’s nice to be able to sit down and get my teeth into some writing before getting on with the day. Training wise I’ve not really had my teeth into things as much as I’d like but as always I’m keeping busy. I think it’s really a case of discipline and it is of course something I enjoy, but as I think most people now are beginning to realise there are some things that are much bigger than a boxing gym. However, that doesn’t mean I’m learning to forget how to let what little hair I have down when I can, and boxing at points can be a great stress reliever.

I’m doing my best not to get annoyed with the fact that I’m only throwing a few sessions a week at training at present and aim to get back up to speed as soon as I can. Again it comes back to self discipline more than anything else. The one thing I am going to find myself doing later today is running and I’m pleased that it’s something I’ve managed to stay consistent with. Life is often full of challenges and balance is an ongoing one.

I’ve started cross training a little and even found a Panukatan and Kali club to train out of once a week on top of my usual training.  I’m still doing a mix of self defence and pad work with some friends and it’s something I’m enjoying as well.. I still think it’s important to keep your mind open when it comes to martial arts but again I want to start giving more of my time back to what I love the most.


I also think it’s just as important to keep your mind open in general. I’ve never been someone to bury my head in the sand with social issues and think it’s not possible to make a difference because I am a firm believer that I can. I think we all can. Last week’s referendum vote caught a lot of people off guard myself included.

I sincerely feel we are not heading in the right direction but I also think the monolith that is the EU needs serious reform to work. I personally think it should go back to the people.  I think now more than ever it’s important to pay attention to what is happening in our lives, and I’m just as passionate about social change as I am about Muay Thai and martial arts. It’s fair to say probably more so.

I feel a little better now I’ve got that off my chest and even though I’m not training as much as  usual I’m sure this week onwards I’m going to welcome my time at the gym more than ever. Again I’ll be back up to speed next week. It’s just been set as a goal within the past minute or so.I might have an opportunity to fight towards the end of the year and I’m really really excited about going back to Thailand in October.

When I’ve been there previously I haven’t wanted to leave and there’s a little voice inside that asks me if I’d like to come and stay for a while. Maybe, just maybe I’ll take that voice up on it’s offer in the future. A few months away never hurt anyone but for now a few weeks is most certainly something to look forward too.

It’s been a long past week or so but I guess it should really be inspiring me to set goals and push for changes I want to see. Just the same as with my training. I guess  it’s about applying that mentality to the rest of my life. So I guess that’s all she wrote for now. I’ll get back to writing weekly the next blog should be up from me on Sunday this week.  It feels that everything at the moment is hills and valleys, peaks and troughs but the one thing I have learnt when it gets like that is that under no circumstances do you ever give up. (Or forget your me time.)  Have a great week and just like the last time. I’ll see you on that road.






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