Same but different

This week has been a reasonably full week of training.. being honest  only a little more than the week previously but you know every little helps. I’ve started cross training a little with some friends once a week as well as training as usual in Thai, and there’s a lot more of an emphasis on self defence than the rest of the week.

I’m pleased as it’s something I said I wanted to do a while ago and we have backgrounds in different disciplines too which means we can always share knowledge between us. Really that’s the way it should be and I think keeping my horizons broad will translate into helping me become the well rounded martial artist I mentioned a couple of weeks back.

Things with training and me at the moment are very much the same, but it’s also different too. I’ve decided to put fighting on hold until probably later this year, and it’s nice to be able to train without the pressure of a fight coming up. Some days it’s just good being at the gym.

I’ve decided to start training out of just one gym rather than my usual two but when I actually do have the time, can still train 5 days a week if I want. Where there’s a will there’s always a way. In terms of areas I’m focusing on it’s safe to say I want to get everything better but when I’m training regularly it’s not too bad.

My kicks are improving I know that much at least so I’m pleased. (at least the left side is. I should probably balance out the equation and devote as much time to getting the right leg up to speed too.) and in general things aren’t too bad but like with everything else they can always be better.

I also enjoy helping some of the new guys in the class with pad work and on occasion with some of their techniques too. I’ve been training a little while and I know a reasonable amount when it comes to all things Thai. Being honest, me being me I just enjoy helping other people. I’m more inclined to put someone else in front of myself a lot of the time.

But I think that’s just me. My parents are just the same. I’m not selfless although I do my best to be, but I know that they are and it’s something to aspire to be. I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to boxing but as always I’m enjoying the journey.

I’m hoping over the summer I start to commit just as much time to my training as I do when I’m fighting and start dropping off some of the excuses that take shape some days. Besides, when the next one does come around I want to be in a reasonably sharp place.


I think I’m finally beginning to understand the term art for arts sake. I’ve mentioned it quite a lot over the course of this blog and it’s funny because I’m now in it. I’m here and just training because I want to.Not because I have to.

I’ve found a nice little gym where I can disappear into the background and just get on with it which is what I want at the moment.  I think that was one  of the things I loved so much at training at my old camp in Bournemouth. I could go to my little space there and train for as long as I wanted and after the rounds were done in the ring, with who I wanted.

Sometimes I miss that freedom. It was like Thailand.  Fighting is of course usually on my mind when I’m at the gym. In fact, it’s always on standby. Every time I even think about it a voice says fight fight fight but at the moment a little down time is needed.

Sometimes it’s easy to take on too much and I guess it’s just as important to take a breath now and again and just work on what you feel you need to work on. Not that I have had a huge amount of fights or fight a lot each year. I’m just in general a busy guy.

On reflection of my martial journey  so far, I’ve done alright. Although I’ve put competing down for the time being there is as always a hell of a lot to learn and the best bit is after all this time I still have nothing to prove to anyone other than myself. And at the moment I’m happy. But that’s just me. Always learning. Thanks for stopping by. We’ll have to catch up again soon. And just like the last time…  I’ll see you on that road.



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