Energy flows where attention goes.

It’s been an interesting time for me of late training wise. Being honest, it’s been a little up and down. One week I’m training hard as usual, next week it’s a lot quieter. A bit like last week was. I’m finding it easier at present to train as much as I can when I can rather than commit myself to ‘I must, I must, I must.’ I think sometimes thinking like that takes some of the fun away.

Never the less I’m still training regularly and yeah ok, I always aim to train the best part of the week. The focus hasn’t really left but I’ve found that for the time being it’s easier to play things by ear. I guess I’ve kind of said that already. Maybe that’s me being just as rusty with my writing as I felt training yesterday.

I could almost feel the crickity, crack, crack  as I did my best to throw rib kicks into the pads whilst training with someone a lot taller than me. Flexibility and stretching has never really been my favourite thing but it’s got better over time,  and I guess the kicks did start to shape up towards the end. A little anyway. I’ll blame that on last week’s lack of gym time. (There was a bit but there should of been more.)

I think I’ve begun to appreciate the time I have training a little more than before and I think it’s just as important to set other goals than just competing. Energy flows where attention goes and I think it’s always important to stay motivated even when your not fighting.


There’s a lot I do in my free time these days so when it comes to competing I’ve been happy to let that take the back seat for the time being. As I’ve said before I know it’s there if I want it. In a way, that attitude has given me peace of mind and reminded me that the reason I started training in Muay Thai was just to learnt the art, and of course I’m always wanting to be better than what I am.

I think when I train regularly I’m not bad. When I don’t put in enough work I just feel like a beginner again. But things seem to change from week to week at present. I guess nothing ever stays the same. Permanence and impermanence, hills and valleys.. peaks and troughs. The trick is not to give up. That’s the only thing that I would ever of classed as ‘hard’ with training.

I think that sometimes people start martial arts with a series of goals in mind, and when they’ve achieved those goals they fizzle out. The martial bubble pops and suddenly there isn’t really anything else they feel they want out of their chosen discipline.

I’ve seen it happen a few times over the years. You can usually tell what ones are going to be there in 5 years time or if it’s a fleeting visit. When it comes to myself, I decided from an early stage that all I wanted to do was just train. Everything else that has happened since then and that will happen is simply just part of my journey. It’s a long road and you’ll see me on it when I’m 60.

I’m hoping by then there will be some other disciplines in the mix too. If I have a long term goal, it’s to be a well rounded martial artist. Thai however, is my foundation and my first love. That will never change.

So looking at the week ahead, I’ve got some quality gym time tonight and tomorrow as well. I managed to throw in a session last night too. I feel slightly more sprightly than yesterday and I’m still as tough as old boots. Of course, I’m still running a lot too and the fighters always here so remember to keep watching that space. I’ll keep training hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.




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