Still Focused

So last week kind of like this week  hasn’t really been bad training wise. Just lately the repetition of training has been getting to me a little but I think,  but that doesn’t really take too long to remedy. Working on what  I feel I need to usually gives me a little focus back and that aside, fighting or not I enjoy the training anyway.

Being a generally busy person like I am I have a lot to focus on at present and although my  multi tasking is improving in leaps and bounds I feel a little stretched mentally. It’s can be challenging to balance things out properly when I’ve got a fight coming up but I always seem to find the time to train. Besides,  I’ve had enough of them now to know what to expect and training wise things seem to be heading in the right direction.

Fighting has been very much at the back of my mind of late outside of training, so I’m doing my best to make sure when I’m at the gym it’s at the forefront each and every time. Mindfulness is something that I keep coming back to. I guess development of that part of me is an ongoing process, and more often than not of late I’ve become frustrated with the mental chatter.


It’s distracting at the best of times and being honest of late I’ve been a little jealous of those people who seem to have the innate ability to switch off when they need to. I’ve met a couple of them over the years in training. I guess it’s true that quiet people have the loudest minds.

Distractions aside I’ve still been able to get my head down in training and get on with it as usual, and I’m pleased to say sparring recently has proven the lights are on and someone is home. I’ve found that It helps working on staying alert and focused in day to day life as well as in training. Staying ‘in the now’ if you will. I know it’s something I’ve talked about before but like with everything else martial, personal development is an ongoing process.

Just recently I read a good article on situational awareness. If your a big Jason Bourne fan or have an interest in any self defence system you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s relevant really to all martial arts training and I’ve been told on a couple of occasions that boxing can also help develop good spatial awareness. (to be aware of yourself and your environment or ‘objects in relation to oneself’ I’m thinking ring craft but that’s a subject for a different blog.)

I practised a little situational awareness to help improve focus just walking to the shops the other day. For once in seemingly a lifetime I managed to shut off the internal chatter and just observed what was happening around me, and I did my best to stay in the now. I find a  great trick to help with this  is asking myself what my next thought is going to be.

I think in fighting and everyday life situations it’s important to keep yourself sharp and alert, and being honest these kind of exercises as well as a meditation here and there  helps with both areas. The meditating side of things is something I want to get back to.

Observation is key (observing emotions rather than engaging )  and walking meditations can sometimes be a great experience. Not that I’m an expert in these areas but I always want to build the best version of myself possible so do my best to find the tools, and utilize them when and where I can.

I’m still inclined to say that fighting in itself keeps me very much in the present moment, which is something I’m glad of as if I wasn’t ‘here’ but instead was  over ‘there’ somewhere I would be in trouble fast. As it stands I seem to be getting better at punching people in the face so you know, onwards and upwards as they say.

Well as always I’m pleased I’ve found some time to sit down and write and little by little that’s getting itself back on track too. I had a good run earlier today, and I’m at the gym this evening. In the meantime it’s time for a big chill. De-stressing just like happiness, is an inside job. Speak to you Sunday, and in the meantime.. I’ll see you on that road.






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