Back on track

It’s been a good week or so back at the gym. I’m sorry I missed you all on Sunday but of late I’ve been focusing on a few things other than just work and writing. But that’s me. When I have a goal and something to work towards it gets all of my undivided attention. This year I intend to make a positive difference when and where I can.

But that aside, my next blog will be up as usual on Sunday. So you get two this week. I always find when I get back into training after a bit of time off (being honest I think I’m still shaking off Christmas ) things sometimes things take  a bit of time to get themselves back up to speed. Saying that, and despite feeling a little rusty it’s been good to get back into the swing of things.

I’ve made sure I’ve kept running up and the moment there’s a couple of goals I have fighting wise that I’m working towards. One of which is very exciting and I’ll tell you a bit more about that  when I know its happening for definite.


So really at the moment I’ve spent most of my time at the gym just training and getting things back up to speed. Sparring as always seems to be moving forward, it’s the one area I’m learning a lot from at present (not that I don’t from training in general it’s just that I think you always learn the most from finding out what works and what doesn’t work. I feel that you learn the most from practical application if that makes sense.

I have of course been keeping running up although this week my old shin injury from last year has flared up a little, although its settled down today. I need to make that I’m starting to get a couple of kg off for March and possibly next month too if all goes according to plan. (I have a little voice going excited excited excited but until I know I am going to do it I will keep it quiet. Work in progress.)

I want to make sure as I mentioned last week I have a successful time this year with fighting, and of course I keep training hard as usual. I want to spend a bit more time drilling the basics (which is something we did yesterday for a while that I enjoyed) and one thing I need to make sure I’m doing a lot more of is stretching.

Anyone that trains with me will tell you I train a lot and the one thing I don’t do is stretch enough, so that is kind of my unofficial new years eve resolution. No doubt it will be broken by next Monday. It’s all well and good doing it at the gym but if your there all the time I guess you need to do it at home too.

I’m pleased that I’ve noticed some improvements with myself when it comes to fighting and training in general but as always the improvement is an ongoing process. There’s been a good bit of clinch training the past week or so too and that in itself is something I want to start to develop.

It’s a strength of mine and to me it’s an important to balance out your strengths and weaknesses. Clinching is an art within an art in my opinion and it’s something I want to revisit  at a later stage. In general at the moment things aren’t going too badly which is the most important thing and despite having a lot as always happening on a daily basis I’m pleased I can always make the time to train hard.

For now, the main thing  is I’m here, back on track and you know something? it feels great. And as for the rest of life? well it’s still similar to that ring. Here’s to 2016. Have a good week and watch out for the next one on Sunday. I’ll see you on that road.

“Life is similar to a ring.You are declared a loser not when you fall, but when you refuse to stand up.” – The Nomad 






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