Well here we are the beginning of a new year with everything shiny and new. Christmas and new was a well deserved break but of course I’m looking forward to getting back to training next week. This weekend I’ve managed to get a run in plus an open mat session at the gym.

It was good to get a bit of Christmas rust off but being honest I didn’t feel as rusty as I thought I would. Running has helped a lot with the fitness side of things and I’ve got a January Christmas detox ahead.

I’m straight back into things next week onwards training all week again and I’m looking forward to fighting again in a couple of months. Hopefully there is going to be another couple coming up after the first one beginning of March but for now I intend to keep focused on what lies in front of me rather than thinking too far ahead. I’ll know more towards the end of next week anyway.

Fighting is a big commitment but it’s always a good challenge. In February of this year I hit my ninth year of training and I want to make sure that every aspect of it is a real success. I want to make sure 2016 is a good year.

10623476_10208183834938637_6657108954434381746_o (1)

I think it’s down to myself to make sure I keep setting myself new goals be it with fighting or otherwise. I see training as a constant cycle of self improvement as a martial artist/ fighter and as a person too.

This year I want to make sure I make some positive steps forward in all areas, and like with everything it takes a lot of commitment or ‘graft’ but it’s always worth it. And besides, ha I’m always learning.

I’m hoping that writing continues to develop as well this year so I’m looking forward to sharing some more of my journey with you and there’s going to be some exciting stuff happening with my other writing project too.

I’ll keep yourselves in the loop but yes, I am writing every day. (I honestly and truthfully have got procrastination down to such a fine art I’m bored of it now.)

I guess that training and fighting,  writing and everything is as always a work progress but I have a feeling that maybe the best is yet to come. Have a good week, happy new year and have a great 2016.. and just like the last time, I’ll see you on that road.













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