Big heart

Although this week has been a little lighter on the ground than usual training wise it’s still been a good week. It’s been a mix of birthday celebrations, training and running. I ended the week feeling pretty sharp after finishing off the week with a good run and some bag work yesterday morning.

I think I’m going to look  forward to getting a full week in at the gym next week as just after that it’s Christmas so I think a much needed push is in order for the remainder of the year. although fighting wise I feel that the year maybe could of ended on a better note, I feel that I’ve made a lot of improvements over the past 6 months or so. I think I’m improving as a fighter and although I’ve lost more than I’ve won I’ve gained experience that will serve me well  next time around.


I’m very determined with boxing to be the best I possibly can be so the resolution for next year is to head into things with just as much vigour and enthusiasm as usual. I’ve toyed with training six times a week a few times this year, and working for myself gives me a lot more flexibility to commit the time I want to.

Although I’ve still got bad habits I need to address I’m pretty confident they are going to iron themselves out. I had a bizarre dream last night about kicking and I was practising my left kick again and again with someone helping me to get the technique better. Maybe a bit of visualisation will help!

I’m pretty much determined to hit the ground running with fighting next year and I’m hoping the next time I step up things tip back in my favour. Hard work will always pay off as long as you believe in yourself, and of course don’t give up.

There is a K1 and kickboxing  tournament coming up in Birmingham in February I’ve just found out about (I tweeted happily less than an hour ago about it) so it could be a good way to shake off some Christmas rust before stepping back into the land of Muay Thai in March. (if the boss is happy with that of course. Hi Craig)

Either way, I think I’ll probably be back even more determined to win than I have been before. I want to even out my record a little so of course I need to be at my best. (Fighting to me really isn’t about records but let’s be honest for a minute, losing sucks and winning is awesome.)

All in all it’s been a good year training and fighting wise, I’ve finished off the year with some good experience, a k1 title and I think I’m getting better as a fighter. I’ve also been competing for over 5 years now (I hit year 5 in October)  and I have just as much passion for it now as when I first started.

A couple of people have said I’ve come along way which is nice. I’m fully aware I’ve got a long way to go but as always it’s a good road to be on, and a little acknowledgement never hurt anyone. (Thanks)  And besides It’s always good to have a positive goal to work towards. (fighting isn’t the be all and end all but it’s a lot of fun.)

So next week I’m officially back on the horse, working on that ‘work in progress’ and making sure I get as much Thai as I can in my life. 2015 had been an exciting year with everything martial and I’m hoping 2016 just gets better and better.

Next year I’m back out in Thailand again too. 🙂 Oh and do take a look out for a new page coming to the site soon. That’s a work in progress too. In the meantime, train hard and enjoy the break. . And just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.










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