What’s your style?

This week has been a little lighter on the ground than usual training wise for varying reasons, but next week should see things back on track as usual. I’m still not 150% sure if I’m going to be fighting on the 24th of October but it’s something I am working towards and next month is going to see a few changes training wise anyway, so I am hoping if the remainder of the year stays fairly quiet then I can hit the ground running in the new year if needs be. Of course, I want to fight this month so will be pleased if it comes together.

I’m quite pleased with how training has been going of late and feel that I’ve made some improvements. I’m thinking a lot about what I can add to what I already know as I have said before, and it’s nice to have a couple of gyms to train out of  as each camp has it’s own individual style. It never hurts to have more than one pair of eyes looking at what your doing, and as long as the feedback is constructive then I find there’s always something I can take away and work on. And luckily, that’s always the case.

I’ve found over time you learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t work when your under pressure and as I’ve mentioned before the simple things in life are often the most effective and more often than not can keep you out of trouble. So just recently I’ve worked on countering more and have even tried to add some fakes into what I already know.

If you compete already or have watched a lot of Thai boxing on YouTube or have been to many shows, like myself you will of noticed that the fights can be a series of attack and counters with each fighter trying to outsmart their opponent. It’s more evident the higher you go up the proverbial food chain with fighters but the premise no matter what level you fight at always remains the same.


I’m doing my best to step my game up and to start to think a little smarter when it comes to fighting as I’ve mentioned, but I’m also making sure I keep the pressure turned up as best I can. That’s an element of me that will never change and I had drilled into me from an early stage the one we need to be doing when fighting is walking forward. I’m usually quite aggressive, what some people call a pressure fighter or ‘forward’ fighter  so I think more countering more and faking will help me become a little less predictable.

Although the gyms I train out of at present have their own take on things I’ve found that it’s important to make everything I’m being taught my own. It’s fair to say not everything I’m shown always works for me but especially with drills I find that there is usually a short combination or technique or counter that I see and decide to try and start using. Just recently parrying a jab and coming back with a cross, a uppercut  and a low kick seems to make sense as well as practising parrying a punch and countering with a knee. (the picture above is one variation) In the same respect one of my favourite combinations and one we drill a lot is a cross, hook and left roundhouse to the body. I’ve added to this myself by finishing with a left cross after the body kick (for me that’s the knock out shot after the damage is done) or a different variation.

The great thing about Muay Thai is that there are so many different ways to attack and counter your never stuck for an answer, it really comes down to working out what approach suits yourself the best. For me, the simple things in life are always the most effective but even then you can be spoilt for choice. I guess developing how you do things is all part of the journey and like with everything else it’s a work in progress. I thought I’d leave you this week with a video on Muay Thai sweeps and counters. As always, the best things happen in the clinch. Train hard, have a great week and just like the last time..I’ll see you on that road.

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