Practice makes perfect.

As always I’ve spent most of this week down the gym doing what I love the most. Which is of course training. Ideally I’d always like to commit to training 6 days a week but life doesn’t always pan out like that so for now 5 still feels like I’m getting somewhere. I guess you could call it my happy medium.

I’ve done my best to practice what I preach after talking about being ‘in the now’ or ‘present’ in last week’s blog. It certainly isn’t something that comes easy but I’m going to keep working on it simply because I can see it helping a lot with focus. When it comes to a week full of training,  I spend a lot of time in my own company and the only person who can ever pep talk me about how training is or isn’t going is myself.

In this respect it’s good to know when and how to tell Mr negative to take a quiet back seat so I can basically get on with it. Over thinking anything is usually accompanied by a cloud of self doubt, so switching off the negatives and working on my focus whilst trying to learn some new stuff is a lot harder than you’d think  but hey practice makes perfect.


Which brings me to training this week. There’s a couple of shows coming up next month so things have started to get progressively tougher and of course with tougher comes the need to worker quicker and get sharper. This really is where pad work comes into the equation and I feel at the moment (at least it’s felt that way this week) that I need to sharpen up more. Although my technique is ok  I want to make it better. There’s a few days of the week where training has had a real emphasis on combinations and drills and I’ve finished this week taking a couple of things away that I know I can use.

When I was training yesterday morning the first combination we got shown and had to drill (I’ve switched my Saturday bag blasts to train in Cheltenham at Team Tieu as I can see that benefiting me a lot more at present.) was a good one. We started with a jab and a cross then parried a return jab, coming back with a cross and a upper cut followed by a low kick. We repeated the same sequence but then parried another returning jab and countered with a body kick. We finished off the drill by adding in a final return jab that when parried was countered with a knee off the rear leg.

I realized when I got home that it had stuck in my head and breaking it down a little I could see there was elements of it I could use. Although there was a quite a lot to it in the end, it was still pretty straight forward and when it comes to fighting keeping it simple for me (and for most other fighters I’ve spoken to) is really the order of the day. A cross, upper cut and a low kick for example is something I know I’ll use and in the same respect I want to focus a lot more on landing that rear leg knee as that’s where the power lives.

Sparring at the moment is going really well, which is always a good thing and I’m fairly confident that I’m improving. Yesterday morning again was a good push and went well as did Wednesday. I spar every single day I’m training and I’m going to make sure I start working elements of some of the new combinations I’m being shown .

After all it’s not about what their going to do you, but more about what you are going to do to them.  And if I’m breaking something down a little it’s really because I’m just trying to find what works for me. After all martial arts is about individuality too.

So as you can probably tell  I’m thinking a little more about what I’m doing than I have previously and I’m also doing my best not to step back into the land of bad habits. (I’ve still got a few I need to break ) That one is a very easy trap to fall into and although what we do isn’t rocket science I’d rather look at myself and say ‘that was good’ rather than ‘ yeah ok.’ Just like everything else, it’s a work in progress.

So next week as always I’m back at the gym, and just like the week before I’ll do my best to be at my best. Here’s to the journey. Have a good week, and I’ll see you on that road.

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