What I want the most

This week like the week before and the week before that has been a good week training. No matter how hard it gets, no matter what I do and I don’t do well, it’s always a good week training. But that’s just me. Always learning. I finished the week heading out to Team Tieu in Cheltenham for a Saturday training session and had a good run today.

I’ve been training hard this week as usual and I’ve decided to have a booze break to get my fitness back up to scratch. It’s good at the moment and it’s not like I’m getting leathered every week, but you certainly notice the difference when you stop drinking. When I’m fight training the rule is no alcohol full stop. After a week or so my body starts to say ‘thank you’ and my fitness starts to go through the roof. And besides six or seven weeks down the line you certainly don’t miss it.

For me, fitness is a  big part of success with competing. But also for me so is training religiously. I got taught a good few years ago now that if your fight training your at the gym no less than five times a week. If your not training then you should be running. It’s a big commitment granted, but it is just the way it is. I guess it’s dependent on how much you want to succeed in a lot of respects. Regardless of commitments outside of the gym, if I’ve decided to compete I’ve always found the time to put in the work.


But that’s fighting. It requires a lot of time,effort and sacrifice no matter what level your competing at and where you want to get to. I’ve found  that the hard work, blood, sweat, tears and general graft is always worth it. And really when it comes down to it that’s what Thai boxing is in a nutshell. Graft. But only the best kind of graft.

When it comes down to winning and losing I’ve found that regardless of the result your always guaranteed a wealth of experience. What you do with what your given afterwards is down to the individual but I’ve always done my best to learn. But that’s me. Ha..always learning. Maybe I need an L plate.

It’s true in some respects that you learn more from losing than you do from winning. For me, it’s taught me how to get back up and come back stronger and most importantly it’s taught me what I have inside. I’ve learnt that fighting is all about mental toughness as well as the flesh and the bone. I guess that’s why we train so hard for our fights. I’ve also learnt when it comes to fight training if your not putting yourself through hell and back your basically doing it wrong.

When I’ve lost I’ve carried on regardless, and little by little relentless optimism rears it’s head utterly defeating any despondency that still exists after a competition. For me training is the best medicine. But that’s me. Always.. hey you know the rest. 🙂 When that negative feeling mutters ‘you’ve not started believing in yourself again have you?’ I can always answer it with a ‘might of’ and a smile. Ok it’s usually a grin.

And when I’ve won? it’s the best feeling. It’s knowing that I can be better than I ever thought I could be and it feels like Christmas when I was a little kid. I work hard at what I do and it doesn’t come easy, so there is no better feeling than knowing the hard work paid off. And that feeling? it’s mine to keep.

So when I look towards the future and what I want to achieve, I think really it boils down to an insatiable hunger to keep training, to keep improving and most importantly to keep competing. Your only young once, and as an old friend of mine with many years experience training in Muay Thai once said to me ‘do it while your young’. These are memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life  and really there the ones I want the most. Have a great week, train hard and chok dee for all of your fights. I’ll see you on that road.


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