On switch

The first week back training after a break is never an easy one  but I’m pleased to say that this week, I’ve trained hard. In fact, I’ve thrown myself back into things like I’m fighting in about two weeks and not six. At least it’s felt that way anyway. It’s good when you have positive goals to aim for, and I find in training it gives me a lot of focus as I know that I’ll need to be at my best.

That’s not to say that I’ve taken time off and everything is perfect. But being honest I don’t see the point in dwelling on negatives that can be put right by putting in the work. Thai boxing may be graft but ultimately, it’s always worth every minute of my time. I’ve talked about being able to flick a ‘on’ switch before, and as there’s a few of us fighting next month one of my trainers has made a point of stressing the need to adopt the right mentality with fighting. This time round flicking that switch has got easier than it has been before, I guess a part of that is ring experience and a part of it because I’ve been training for a while. In fact it’s been nearly eight years now, a drop in the ocean compared to some but a real achievement to me.

I’ve had a few months out from fighting and it feels like an age.So I’ve spent some of this week  shaking off the small film of rust that has developed since the last time knowing that from next week onwards things certainly don’t get any easier, it’s just that they’ll start to come together more. But being honest this week I’ve done good. And that’s really where some of my mentality has changed. Instead of giving myself a tough time, I’ve just got on with the training and had a good time doing it. I’ve taken positives away from all my negatives and reminded myself that I’ve got what it takes to keep winning.


Training seems a lot different when I have a fight coming up as I don’t have time to allow doubt to get anywhere near me. This is something I’ve done time and time again and it’s something I want to keep doing for as long as I am fit enough to. If 2015 is going to be about one thing I’m going to make sure it’s about winning, and that’s not just with competition that’s with everything I want to achieve. And you can hold me to that.

Today when I was clinch sparring and sparring I felt a change in my energy and that fire in my belly stirring. I felt the switch wanting to flick into that on position and I felt confident and strong. Was it perfect ? no. At points I made mistakes, I missed shots, I got caught, but I came back strong and answered back. I kept walking into him and  I didn’t feel disheartened, nervous or unsure. I kept the pressure on and I kept attacking. At the end of the rounds (the clinching was seemingly never ending and was awesome) I was tired but focused. And all I’ve been thinking about since training has finished this week has been fighting next month. I’ll end up wishing the year away again.

So next week onwards I’m pleased to say I’ll be at the gym full time again. Back on the horse, ready to rock, looking forward to fighting and doing my best to be at my best. I don’t just want to start this year off on a good note, I’m going to start this year off on a good note and you can hold me to that too. Have a good week and train hard because when you do the fighting.. well that’s easy. I’ll see you on the road.

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