Back on the horse

Well it’s good to be writing this today. I took most of last week out the gym because of a couple of injuries I wanted to let settle down. I am never again going to make the mistake of kicking someone’s elbow again training. And that’s really all I have to say about that. I also had a couple of other areas I needed to iron out mentally and being honest it was good to have some time out. As of late I’ve spent a lot of time giving myself a hard time with boxing rather than remembering that really unless you enjoy what your doing then really there’s no point in doing it. And that applies to fighting too.

I’ve eased back into training this week and have done a few sessions and had a good run at the weekend. Last night, looking for a little inspiration I went to watch some fights at a local show called Immortals. One of my trainers was fighting Burmese boxing rules (rope round the hands and no gloves) which was entertaining to watch. Other than Ant Sanderson from my gym fought well for a K1 title and sadly got knocked out in the third round. But these things happen. I guess really it’s how you come back.

And that’s kind of got me thinking about how I want to come back from feeling incredibly low about training to getting into the swing of things again. For me personally, I just train and get on with it. In fact this week, it’s safe to say I’ve really enjoyed myself. Different techniques seem to be improving in different ways my knees are still very much my favourite thing, and I want to hone them to be razor sharp. The more I train, I know that really the better I am going to this week its good to be back on the horse.

Next week I’m going to start to step things a little again although tomorrow is my birthday. I’ve hit the grand old age of 36 and it’s good to know that I will be training for many many years to come. So this week I just wanted to touch base with you as I missed last week (my blog will be up once a week again ) just to check in and let you know that as always things are good. I hope training and life is playing nice with you too. So as always.. have a fantastic week, train hard and just like the last time. I’ll see you on that road.


2 thoughts on “Back on the horse

  1. On the flip side, I blocked a head kick one time and took it right on my elbow. It was on the sweet spot too so I couldn’t move my arm for a week or so. lol.

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