While you were sleeping

It’s 7.00am here and your might be wondering what I’m doing awake at this time especially on a Sunday. Being honest it’s a question I’m currently asking myself.

Around this time every day I’m up for training and at the current camp I’m training at in Thailand (Sitsongpeenong in Phuket) I’ll be starting my day off with around a 9km run. After that little jaunt to clear out the cobwebs and the battle that no one wants to win with the hill from hell, it’s back to the gym for about 10 rounds on the bag, 5 rounds on the pads 40 minutes knee deep in clinch, around a couple of hundred kicks and the other day we finished with 500 knees. Or maybe that was the afternoon session. Either way today it’s nice to have a day off. I’m taking a lot away from clinching and did some great clinch sparring at Fairtex Bangplee, and it’s just as tough and rewarding at Sitsongpeenong. In fact 40 minutes of clinching in the morning and then again in the evening puts me through my paces on top of everything else.

I think it’s down to my body clock that I’ve decided to wake up at this time, but being honest since I’ve come to Thailand I’ve been a little out of sync and it seems to have taken me time to adjust to the time difference and it has to be said..the heat.

There’s a big difference between training for 2 hours or more in a chilly gym in the UK and training hard and I mean hard in over twenty five degrees heat. On most days there’s no such thing as a cool breeze. The training here is very tough, and we’re constantly pushed to be at our best and as a contrast the accommodation is fantastic, and is a real home from home.

Going back to the training, I think that until I trained out here I didn’t really understand how tough it gets in comparison with back home.i guess really the key difference is that not everyone wants to fight or be pushed like a fighter. People train for many reasons and in some respects just the thought of the intensity of the training is enough to make some people think twice. I’m pleased to say for me personally I am in my element and looking to reap the benefits not settle for half measures.

So at the moment I’m currently training twice a day for around 2 hours a session. That’s four hours a day doing something I love and investing in myself. In all honesty you can’t get better than that, and with a healthy dose of commitment you can’t help but get good.

As I mentioned a moment ago I’ve  also been training at Fairtex gym in Bangplee and seeing as I’ve only come out here for three weeks I think I’ve done well so far. Sadly, I’m now approaching my last week of training here but will no doubt have a lot more to tell you next week. I’m back in the UK on the 18th of November but will aim to post again before then  I have a feeling it’ll be while your sleeping. Train hard, fight easy and as always I’ll see you on the road.


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