Investments pt2

I talk about journeys a lot don’t I? for me like with most people that set out on a path, the journey often outweighs the destination. That’s why I’m so excited about the next part of my journey which is heading out to Thailand to train for a few weeks next week. I’d personally like it to be a little longer but work commitments say otherwise. Rest assured, I’m not going to be thinking about work when I’m there. This week I’ve only thrown in a couple of sessions at the gym as there as always has been a lot to do. I also study with the Open University so around this time of year I’m generally a busy guy.

It’s going to be good to get away for a few weeks to train with the best, and taking stock of myself as a martial artist and a fighter I think it’s going to do me the world of good. Of course, I’m mainly going to just enjoy being there as this is something I’ve wanted to do for many years now. I’m already thinking about heading out there next year. It’s the first time I’ve been out on a long holiday on my own. When I was little I’d often travel with my parents and I’ve been to some nice places. From what I’ve been told though Thailand is a complete culture shock in comparison with the little Island I currently reside on.

And that’s good. In fact it’s better than good it’s amazing. Not only does it mean I’m off on a holiday for a few weeks it means I’m making an investment in myself too. And you know me by now. I’m all about self investment. So what gyms am I visiting? well for the last couple of weeks I’m training at Sitsongpeenong in Phuket and Bangkok is still a little up in the air although Jitti currently springs to mind as well as Fairtex too. From what a friend of mine told me who lives there there is a lot of camps to choose from so I can’t see it being a problem. I can see the first week being a mix of training and exploration. Plus watching some boxing. I can see there being a lot of that. I’m also going to be catching up with a couple of friends of mine I used to train with in Bournemouth and that’s always nice.

I’m going to be fighting again in 2015 and I’m hoping that I start the year off on a good note. As this year rapidly draws to a close I feel that I’ve made progress and it’s fair to say I’m a better fighter now than I was a year or two ago. As long as your moving forward that’s the main thing. Most importantly I’m still enjoying the whole experience and I’ve realized that there isn’t really any point giving yourself a hard time when things don’t always go your way.(or as well as they could of done.)  Like someone said to me once you have to take the fight back to the gym. From there you can work on what you need to improve.

And really that’s what training is going to be about when I’m out there. Just getting better. For now that is all I want and I know the more time I put in ultimately, the more it’s going to give back to me. In the meantime, I hope the next few weeks sees you well training wise and other wise and just like last time.. I’ll see you on that road.


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