Meanwhile back at the gym..

Well after a hit and miss couple of weeks of training I’ve managed to get a full week in plus a couple of runs so feel happy with the work I’ve put in this week. Work. That’s a funny word to use for something you enjoy doing isn’t it? I think at points I’m maybe in danger of taking it all a little too seriously and forgetting that ultimately the main reason I do this is because really I enjoy it. The same as everyone else really. It’s good to have a focus and to set your goals but just as equally I guess it’s easy to want something too much some days. As for me, I just enjoy training hard and when it comes to fighting I always know inside that I’ll be ready.

This week in training we’ve spent some time focusing on targeting and also on range. I find that it’s  very easy sometimes to throw shots for the sake of throwing them, especially when under pressure simply to try and get out of trouble or to respond with something rather than nothing. My trainers and some of the other fighters I train with have said try and look for your openings, so sparring mid week just trying to land effective shots was a good test. My right low kick  seems to be taking shape more and it’s not from my favourite side so I am going to be spending a bit more time working it next week in training. When I’ve seen people’s leg buckle a little when it lands it’s made me warm and fuzzy inside.

Fitness wise I’m doing ok at present but not where I want to be just yet, when it comes to running I’ve been focusing more on distance and stamina and next week will start bringing sprint training back into play. I always make sure I keep a good pace and I find it’s a great way to keep the weight down too. (I usually cut about a kilogram or a little over)  On average I run around three or four miles a couple of times a week as well as training.

Diet wise I need to start being a little stricter with myself, as I’ve found much to my dismay on a couple of occasions recently the hard work I’ve put in has been undone by eating the wrong food at work in the week. If larger and pies were a staple diet for fighters I’d be in my element. But joking aside, I’m pleased to say that this week my weight is headed in the right direction.

I’ve also taken a little time this week to read an interesting article on point scoring in Muay Thai that I  took quite a lot away from, and I’m hoping gets me thinking a little smarter (but not thinking too much) in sparring and working towards my next fight in October. It’s good to be drilling combinations and I want to start making sure that what I’m practicing I’m at least attempting a couple of times in sparring in the week. (it’s easier said than done sometimes but  I guess it really comes down to having a little faith )There’s a couple of things I want to bring into the mix if I can but we’ll see how it goes.

So next week I’m back at the gym as usual, and as always I’ll be training hard but most importantly I’ll have a good time doing it too. Have a good week and I’ll see you on the road.




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