Way of the explosive

Well, I’m  pretty pleased I’ve got a full week of training in this week as well as some running too. There’s always a way and I guess if you really want to do something then you find the time. Training has been good as always and I’ve started to focus on working faster in sparring with combinations.

Despite having the occasional moment of working in reverse I’ve also started to make myself come forward a lot more again which as I am sure you know isn’t always an easy thing to do but is important to how we fight. There’s a few other areas I need to work on as well as staying close, but it’s good to know I understand more about my range than I did a few months back.

One of my trainers has been talking to us a lot about the use of effective shots in sparring and fighting rather than just kicking or punching (or whatever your tool may be) for the sake of throwing the shot. It’s something I am going to remind myself every time I am sparring. If something works then why stop doing it? and if something doesn’t then really what’s the point? 

I think that short fast and strong combinations can be effective when used at the right moment, and being able to attack explosively is a big part of fighting. There’s all kinds of drills and exercises we practice at my gym (s) to help with this element of training, and I am sure there is at yours too. Outside of the gym one of my favourites (and I’m really pleased I did some this morning) is sprint training.

10 or 15 second short bursts ‘lamp post sprints’ (the hint is in the name as to what this entails) I find are a great way to get my body and my head engaged into responding or attacking quickly or explosively in a fight. I also find it’s a great way to focus on pushing yourself in that all important last 10 or 15 seconds of a round. 

I’ve always spent a fair amount of time out the gym thinking about what I want to improve and work on when I’m in the gym. I guess really that’s always been the thing with me as a boxer. I take it home with me and don’t just leave the training at the  door when training finishes, It’s very easy to do that sometimes and I guess really it comes down to how focused you are on succeeding. And really that goes back to putting in the work. 

So I thought I’d leave you this week with another video, this week of Pornsanae training for the fight with Rungravee I posted the other week. Not only is he a tough boxer he’s explosive too. Have a good week and I’ll see you on the road. 

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