This week I’m pleased to say I’ve put in the work. I’ve finished off my week with a couple of big runs like last weekend and I’ve even got the weights out. i’m getting worried I think I might be in danger of taking this training lark seriously again. But joking aside it feels good to be getting back to where I need to be for October. It’s early days and I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Just recently I think I’ve been in one of those  training slumps we all get hit with from time to time. I’ve learnt when the training starts to get tough you need to start to turn it up a notch yourself. Really it’s the same principle as fighting. And when it comes to myself I’ve never been someone who enjoys staring up at a glass ceiling.

I think really that’s one of the reasons I’ve kept fighting. I’ve learnt that self belief and persistence will always bring victory. And of course training a lot helps too. I think I’m blessed with a tenacious that has served me well with Thai so far, every time I find myself thinking in terms of limitations I’m always asking myself what I need to do to go through them. Sometimes it’s around them.

So at the moment I guess my ceiling or more appropriately plateau is just getting beyond the point I am at currently. Really like with most things in life we encounter that challenge us it’s a case of changing the way I am thinking and adapting myself to improve and get better at what I do. Is it an easy task? No. But then again who said that it would be?

It comes part and parcel with what we do. Like one of my trainers said a while ago Thai boxing is basically graft and a lot of commitment. If you want to get really good that is. I guess that’s the same as with anything really. But all of it is achievable, so why should we ever put limits on what we do?. The way I see it is really,if you want it enough it will happen.

So with that simple thought echoing around my subconscious I’m going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I’m pleased I’ve ended up here. Train hard, and I’ll see you on the road.

‘No Escape ‘ 2012




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