Follow up

This week has been a little shorter training wise than usual, but I got in a good couple of sessions and finished the week off with a good run today. I’m starting to focus more on my fight in October too. As they say time flies so I want to make sure I’m ready. I’m feeling pretty good about fighting again so I guess that’s a good thing. It involves a lot of commitment and graft as anyone that competes knows, but ultimately it’s worth it. 

I’ve been thinking recently that I want to start working in combinations more and following up more too. I think it’s very easy sometimes especially in sparring and in fighting  to get into the mentality of throwing a few shots or a couple of shots and not using the distance you’ve closed to finish off an attack with something that’s going to either win the day, or at least do some real damage.

Don’t get me wrong I work in combinations quite a lot but I don’t always use them as well as I should. I guess there’s a difference between throwing a combination because you want to throw it, and using a combination because you know it’s effective. I think sometimes it’s about waiting for your moment and I guess really that’s why it’s important to counter fight well too. 

As well as keeping combinations simple and effective, sometimes I think it’s just as effective to throw several shots with a heavy strike (be it kick, punch, knee or elbow)  behind it. When it comes to fighting my weight I know that usually most people I fight are going to be fast so I’m spending a bit more time working on short fast combinations with a little something to remember me by on the end. Other than that I want to spend a bit more time working on footwork, (it’s not that bad at present but could do with a little adjustment )  and just like with everything else the way to improve that is by drilling it. 

I know that the next few weeks ahead are going to be really about me making myself get back into the training before the extra hard work begins , but being honest it’s just as exciting to be fighting now as it was nearly four years ago so it won’t take long to get back into the mindset. I want a good result with my next fight and I guess the only way to have a good chance of success is by making sure I’ve put in the work before. 

I thought I’d leave you this week with a great fight from October last year Pornsanae vs Rungravee, two of the toughest fighters out there (in my humble opinion) and it’s exciting to watch. Pornsanae works in fast combinations a lot so nuff said. Enjoy, train hard and just like last week..I’ll see you on the road. 





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