Training is pt 2

Last week was a good week of training, and although this week isn’t going to be as full as I’d like it to be due to work commitments I’m still pleased I’m getting a few sessions in. I was thinking earlier on that I need to get my work/ training balance back on track soon due to the show in October. Is it me or is the summer just flying by? and didn’t I say last week I wouldn’t end up wishing it away? Despite it moving seemingly faster than normal so far it’s been a good one, and although I’m  out the gym at points a little more than I’d like to be I’m still making the most of my time there.

Interestingly enough, I’m finding that the focus and dedication I apply to training I’m finding increasingly easier to apply to the rest of my life too.It’s funny sometimes when you take yourself out of a training environment where you spend a lot of your time how easy it is to carry across the skills you’ve developed there into other areas of your life too. I think with me and the industry I work in (IT) my tenacious and perseverance serve me well. In fact I’d class them as two of my more redeeming characteristics. There’s more to me than this, but there’s a lot more martial arts gives back to.

At the moment training is still tough and I’m enjoying the technical side of things too. I’ve started training at a new camp as well as my current one (I may of mentioned this previously ) and although I’d like to be there a little more than I am currently, I can see their style of Muay Thai working with what I already know and their a good camp. I prefer training in traditional Muay Thai and as such I cannot wait to get out to Thailand for a few weeks in October. I have a feeling that this is probably going to open my eyes in a lot of ways, and I’m going to train hard out there and hopefully take a lot away! (There I go wishing the summer away again.)

In the immediate short term it’s good to have a couple of goals to focus on and I’ll be honest I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into the fight training again as well as of course to the fight itself.Believe it or not regardless of outcomes I always take a lot away from fights and I enjoy the combat.And besides I know I can win some more too.

One of my trainers made a good point about fight training recently. He said that within 6 weeks or so of  a competition  your not going to suddenly learn a lot of new stuff for your fight. It’s better to drill what you know and what works till its razor sharp, and use the time you have before and after to develop yourself a little more. Roughly speaking, that gives me another 4 or 5 weeks to use working on some new stuff at the gym before I have to really focus on my fight  and I’m confident I’ll have made some improvements.

Next week I should be back on track as usual and for the rest of this week I’ll do my best to use my gym time wisely! In the meantime, stay focused, train hard and as always I’ll see you on that road.




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