Learning Curve

I think this week has been about getting back on track. I’ve got some good training in this week and despite going out to play last night I decided to stick to my guns and do my gym’s inter club today. Being honest I’m pleased I did because it’s got me thinking about fighting again. Today was quite tough as one of the guys I was matched with was heavier and taller than me, although  I know I normally have the height advantage over most folk. (you can stop laughing now )

The other guy (Alfie from my camp) was pretty feisty and kept me on my toes. So what did I learn? well I learnt that firstly I need to make sure when I attack I stay in range instead of throwing a combination and moving too far out to keep the pressure on.  Like it or not, I have to stay close to them!. But that can be worked on like everything else. It’s all about forward motion (although to be fair I walk forward quite a lot.)  and stepping off if needs be rather than hitting reverse when in trouble.

I still think I need to listen to my corner more, and other than that instead of thinking about what I want to throw, I just need to do it. I found the shots I wanted a couple of times, but I sometimes find myself in danger of over analysis.I guess this goes back to letting it go.

Now that I’ve managed to find my faults I think I did alright. It could of been better granted but I got some good low kicks in and some combinations I used worked. I also felt completely comfortable back in the ring, even if today wasn’t about winning or losing It’s still about being out your comfort zone and it’s good to know it’s somewhere I’m happy to be. Going back to techniques,  I think my right cross has got a lot of potential when hidden behind a few other shots. My left roundhouse as well does damage. Being honest it always has done.

There’s a lot I need to work on over the summer but it’ll get better. I spend too much time sometimes dwelling on what has been and gone sometimes rather than focusing on what’s ahead. I’m learning more and more that really when it comes down to it, a big part of success with Muay Thai or any fighting discipline is self belief.

I’ve found the more and more I’ve put myself into places I never thought I would ever be brave enough to go to the more and more I want to go back to them. So when it comes to fighting again, despite the reservations I’ve had recently and despite the doubt and the hard time I’ve given myself about losing my last fight, I think with a lot of heart, focus and determination and of course lots of training I’ll be ready to step up again later this year. If this is a learning curve then I can only ever be thankful for what I’m learning. Train hard, fight easy and I’ll see you on that road.

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