Well this week has been another good week of training, mixed with a nice bank holiday weekend catching up with some friends. I’ve started training out of a new gym as well as my current one really because I want to get a new perspective, (I’ve always thought it’s good to have a different set of eyes looking at you if that makes sense.) so it’s been good meeting new people. I’m enjoying the training and I think I’ll take a lot away from it. It is in fact, a small relief to take the pedal off the gas a little so I can start to work on improving a few areas before I fight again. And besides it’s good to have some balance.

Although I love training to fight as well as competing I find it just as important to relax a little and sometimes just train for training’s sake. If you love what you do then your always going to take something away, and I know that as long as I keep my training consistent then I’m always going to be learning and improving. Really before my next fight comes around I want to make sure that I’ve spent even more time drilling techniques so I know I can rely on them under pressure.

As much as I would like to, I don’t spend every waking minute of the day at the gym, and I’m pleased that I took some time out to go and see some friends this weekend and have some fun. Despite the hangover it was good to see everyone and more than worth my time.Just recently it’s felt like I’ve had to keep myself on a tight leach because of fights so it was good to get out and let what little hair I have got down. I guess in a way it helps me maintain a healthy balance too.

So next week it’s back to the gym as usual and as always I’ll be training hard, I’m hoping that I’ve learnt from previous mistakes and I can really spend some time working on improving all round as a fighter. And of course, just for a little while I’m going to enjoying training just because.. well because it’s training. 🙂 Have a good week and I’ll see you the road.







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