Back to the program

After a day off letting a couple of injuries settle down, it’s good to get back to the program. Although getting myself ready to fight again so soon  is something that’s new to me, I’ve had a good week back at the gym. I think I’ve come away from last weekend feeling more determined than ever to be at my best for May, but being honest it seems to be taking forever to come around. I guess I need to make sure that the time I have is well spent making improvements and of course working hard. And of course, most importantly I’m looking forward to stepping up again.

I guess really for the next couple of weeks I need to take the last fight back to the gym with me, as I’m pleased to say there was a lot that I took away. I’m seeing strengths beginning to appear in me as a fighter, but I also want to make sure I do my best to stay well rounded. We’re often told it’s not good to let yourself become one dimensional and predictable. I think really it comes back to building on what you know and trusting yourself to let it go when your fighting. It’s not an easy thing to be able to, but you know what they say. ‘Energy flows where attention goes.’

It’s very easy to reel off a list of areas that I feel I need to work on, but really when it comes down to it that’s the whole point of the training. For me personally it’s going to be a case of sharpening up what I know works and tightening up some problem areas. And of course this as always is a work in progress. I’m pleased to say the one area that never seems to let me down when I need it the most is my fitness, so I’ve made sure as always when I’m not training I’m running and I’m making those sprints everyone loves my friend. I’ve also added in a strength training class  this week that I think is going to do me a lot of good if I keep it consistent.

I am of course still focusing on the fight ahead mentally as well as physically, although it’s been very easy to let myself go back to my fight last Saturday, the bottom line is that it’s been and gone. I enjoyed the fight, it was tough and a good challenge but the most important time is the here and now. As I’ve already  said I’ll take the fight back to the gym and I know that it’s going to stand me in good stead for next month. I think one of the hardest things about fighting is putting it all together in the ring and having watched last weekend’s fight around oh let’s say  50 or 60 times now (joke) It’s good to see improvements beginning to show. I guess really when it comes down to it, other than the winning that’s what it’s about too.

So, it’s going to be a tough last couple of weeks training for the next one, but I’m going to work hard to be the best I can be and make sure May is another positive result for myself and for my gym. In the mean time, train hard and what is it they say in that film ‘The Hunger Games? ‘May the odds be ever  in your favour.’ Chok dee for anything you may have coming up and as always I’ll see you on the road. 😉




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