New Perspectives

Well it’s been an eventful week for me training wise and fighting wise. I don’t know if I mentioned last week that I was fighting in Cardiff this weekend but step up I did, and although I didn’t get the win I did walk away with a draw. Overall I feel it was a good fight. The lad I fought was good and he was tough. I feel that I’ve shaken off the small build up of ring rust that was developing and I feel better prepared for my next bout in May.

I have a feeling that at some point I’ll be meeting him again too. It was an exciting fight and was very close and I’ll share shortly. Of course I’m disappointed I didn’t win but I took a lot away, and the main thing is it’s not a loss. For me personally knowing that a year or so ago he probably would of beaten me shows me that although progress is being made slowly, at least progress is being made, and of course there’s a lot of work to do yet.

I still have these moments of  ‘how have I ended up here?’ now and again that makes me smile, because out of all my friends outside of training I think I’m probably the least likely person people would see becoming a fighter. I think I found Thai boxing at the right time in my life or maybe it was a case of it finding me. Either way, every time I step foot in that square ring I feel that I’ve achieved something and being honest it makes me feel a little bigger inside.

The build up to fighting this weekend wasn’t too bad, and it’s good to know that stepping up doesn’t give me the same gut wrenching feeling as it used to when I first started fighting. Of course the nerves are still there, but I guess it’s a case of being able to translate them into positive intent. Not to say of course my fight was text book perfect, because I for one will say there is a lot I need to improve. The first round of the fight was very tough  and having watched the video at points I was in trouble, but in the 2nd round the switch flicked on and I felt like I was on top. I think the 3rd and final round was very much tit for tat, and I’m going to spend time over the next couple of weeks working on that final push to swing it my way. (I’ve done it before I can do it again.)

Every time I get in that ring I find that I learn a bit more about myself as a fighter. I think as long as you learn, the outcome regardless of it being positive or negative is secondary. Of course fighting is all about winning but in my humble opinion  experience is just as essential. But being honest, I want to get back to the winning.

So what’s next? well today, I’ve had a nice easy Sunday, and tomorrow despite my brain screaming ‘gym gym gym’ at me, I’ll let my body have a good rest before spending the rest of the week being put through the paces. Some days I’m just really glad to be here and to have found this martial art and sport, that is such a big part of my life, and has given so much back to me. Despite the hills and valleys, the peaks and the troughs I’m still going to be training hard and fighting. I hope you do the same.  Have a great week and I’ll see you on the road.    Here’s a link to yesterday’s fight. 🙂

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