Today is a good day. Not only do I feel that training is going very well, I’m pleased to say my weight is finally heading in the direction I want it too. I guess training hard always pays off. So here I am thinking as usual (I’ve said before I do a lot of that)  about the past week or two in martial arts land, and of course what’s ahead over the next few weeks. 

Since I’ve come to Bristol I’ve enjoyed training with people at different levels, and a lot with good backgrounds in other fighting arts that I’m pleased to say have kept me under pressure in sparring, and have helped me improve probably a lot more than they realize.Of  course it’s not always easy being one of the lightest and shortest in the gym, but there’s nothing like living life on the edge and I’ve been training for long enough to be able to look after myself under pressure. Of course when it comes to fight training you have to work hard and it’s good to be training and sparring with lots of different people I can learn from.

It’s been good this week and last to spend time working the clinch, and I think I’m going to be spending more time focusing on this element of my training  over the next couple of weeks. It’s something that when I first started boxing I used to dread doing, but there days it’s something I enjoy practicing and take a lot away from. Also more importantly I can see it developing into a real strength over the course of time. Being a short fighter one of the tougher elements of training is learning to fight on the inside, but for me it really comes down to setting my intention and committing myself to what I want to achieve. As I’ve said before it’s not really about what their going to do to you, it’s about what your going to do to them. 

I’ve found that away from clinch training sparring in general has been improving too, and even on the days when I have a tough time, I find that there is usually something I can take away. Just lately it’s been a healthy mix of technical and tough sparring and it’s something that I’m finding is helping a lot with training for April. It seems that there is always something to work on and improve and it’s been good to spend a lot of time recently focusing on the fundamentals as I’ve mentioned previously. So really I guess I’m finishing this week on a positive note, and even the pre fighter jitters that hit me for the first time at the end of training last night have been put to bed. I’m going to make sure I work hard for the next couple of weeks as of course I want to be at my best, and I know that what ever I set my mind to I can achieve. I hope next week gives as much back to you as it will to me, and like last time and the time before that, I’ll see you on the road. 😉 


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