Well, despite not being quite back to where I want to be training wise, this week I’ve managed to put in more work than last week, and I feel that I’ve managed to pick up from where I left off.  I’ve taken some time to concentrate on mindfulness but it’s still kind of a work in progress and a subject for another day. Interestingly enough a couple of my trainers here have said to me that I need to concentrate more on improving my focus so I hope it helps.

I’m still looking for that extra day in the week to go running, and it seems at the moment it’s really a case of finding the time. As much as I would dearly love Thai boxing to be the only thing that I do every day all day, there’s this little thing called life and other responsibilities that sometimes taps me on the shoulder like an annoying older sibling saying ‘hey! shouldn’t you be paying attention to me too?’ I guess really it comes down to balance. When you’ve committed yourself to fight it’s not always easy to find your happy medium.

The way I look at training and martial arts in general, no matter what style, discipline or sport (whatever you choose to call it I guess) you train in  is that ultimately it’s an investment in yourself. So despite the pressures and stresses of work and life in general  I always make sure that I find the time, and when it comes down to fighting I make sure I put in the work like it or not. I’m happy that at present I’m able to commit myself to training regularly, because for me it has never come easy  so I know that ultimately the more I put in the more I will get out. And it’s always a good feeling when the investments you put into yourself start to come to fruition.

I’ve been thinking about my goals with training and fighting for the year ahead, and more importantly seeing myself achieving them. As a fighter I know that I have a long way to go, but in the same respect I never really expected to get this far. I understand that really If I want to keep doing this, If I want to keep fighting I need to keep the self investment to a maximum because you don’t get the results you really want on recreational time. It’s a big mountain to climb but tenaciousness and persistence always wins through. So next week it’s back in the mix, spending all day at the office looking forward to spending time at my other office.  Have a good week as always. You’ll see me on the road. 😉

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