Fighting Is

The Little Fighter With A Big Heart

Well, here I sit at 4pm with a hot coffee on a cold and blustery February afternoon contemplating life the universe and everything. Well ok, maybe not life the universe and everything.. just fighting. It’s been a good week at the gym this week and it’s feeling like I’m beginning to make progress again. After what has felt like an eternity of sitting comfortably in Hiatus, I think I’m starting to get my groove back.

It’s been good because as usual, I have the opportunity to spar with lots of new faces and in that respect see what I can learn from each person I meet. One of the things that’s good about having 2 gyms to train out of is that I’m always getting a new set of eyes looking at me, and it’s good to hear from different people that there’s a lot I’m doing right.  I guess…

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