Be first

It’s been good to get back to the gym this week, and there’s nothing better than training hard to shake off the last of the cobwebs. Even though I managed to get some training in last week, I felt on the outside looking in still as I mentioned previously, so training all week has brought things into focus again, and even though it’s felt at points that I’ve gone 2 steps backwards to go forwards I feel that this week has got me back into the swing of things. I guess the bug never really stops biting.

I’ve spent some time pushing myself with cardio and also we’ve taken time to slow things down and focus on technique. One thing I’m always doing a lot of like everyone else I train with, is sparring. And that of course means I’m beginning to think about fighting. I’ve found one of the tougher parts of training with Thai is developing the aggression to attack and keep the pressure on. I mentioned previously that Muay Thai is a game of chess and really it’s about waiting for your moment, but I guess the key is learning not to wait too long. ‘Be first’ as my old trainer would say.

For me it really goes back to remembering that it’s not about what the person in front of you does to you, but more about what you are going to do to them, and I guess really that comes down to your mindset and intent. I’ve found myself under myself pressure this week but that is of course good as it helps me to remember to flick the on switch. As I’ve mentioned before this doesn’t mean hammering your partner. One of my trainers is always keen to remind us that no one really learns anything in that respect. For me, it’s more about learning to attack or respond with controlled aggression but of course to keep the pressure on, and yeah you guessed it. It’s a work in progress.

Of course, when it comes to fighting I’ve learnt (the hard way on a few occasions) that it can at points be an all out slug fest, and I’m learning more and more how important it is to develop a strong mind as well as body to ensure that your both physically and mentally ready on the day. As I’ve been told previously, fighting is brutal and there is no room for nice guys in the ring. Fear as they say is the mind killer, and I’ve found that visualizing success can often help overcome pre fight nerves. The will to win is just as important as the skill, as anyone who competes in any discipline will know.

So I think for the next few weeks and no doubt beyond that I’m going to make sure I focus on my mindset as well as my technique, I want to be better than I was in my last fight and I like to think I’m going to get back in that ring a stronger fighter than before. I was of course, very happy with my last result but I guess really it’s about staying in the here and now and not focusing on what has been and gone. Maybe that’s just me. I always try to be better than who I am. Either way, there’s a lot of work to do and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.

I thought I would leave you this week with one of my favourite videos on fighting and ‘intimidation’ by Mike Tyson. It’s always interesting to hear how the best develop their mental attitude and it’s helped me before. I hope you take something away from it too. In the meantime.. I’ll see you on the road.

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