Keeping it simple

You know ever since I first started fighting a few years ago now, there’s one thing that’s been consistently said to me by my trainers old and new and other fighters too. ‘Keep it simple.’ At first, I never really understood the logic behind this, mainly due to the endless hours of practicing combinations on pads, 4 shots, 6 shots, 8 shots, punches, kicks, elbows & knees.. the combinations seemed never ending and ferocious. They still do. 

After my first few fights I began to understand, that in the ring and under pressure simplicity and effectiveness is the order of the day. So when I spend a lot of time in the gym practicing basic, simple techniques and combinations in training and sparring, I’m glad of it because I know that the more I drill the basics the better I’ll respond under pressure, and of course most importantly my technique will get better too. 

So this week in training its been quite refreshing to spend time working on the simple things in life, and I’m already thinking about what I’ve learnt and what I intend to get back to next time I’m at the gym, I know that if I want to keep winning I need to keep developing myself as a fighter, and it can be all too easy to become complacent and comfortable with what you know.(It’s also easy to settle into bad habits quickly, something I’m guilty of I’ll admit,but I’m working on that one) So when these two factors come into play, the latter being the most frustrating for me, I find it helps to take a step back and start refining those simple things that serve you the best when you need them the most. And when your ironing out the creases in what you do, then you can start adding to your solid foundation.

It’s taken me a while to get comfortable with what works for me as a fighter, but due to the time I put into my training, I’m learning more  about what works and doesn’t work for me all the time. And most importantly, I’m learning about what I need to start doing differently in order to succeed. A good friend of mine said to me a while ago that martial arts is the long game, and in that long game I know that I’m still very young. And one thing I know for certain is that the journey is just as exciting as the destination. 

I thought I’d leave you this week with a highlight video of one of my favourite fighters from Thailand, Yodsanklai Fairtex. Intent and simplicity defined. Have a good weekend and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on the road. 


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