Sometimes less is more

It’s been a good week training, and nearly 2 weeks since my last fight. You know something, for the past week it’s felt like it was yesterday. I’ve been able to jump back into the moment at the drop of a hat, and have found myself thinking of nothing else but fighting. Now there’s nothing wrong with that on the way to training, or when there’s a fight on the cards but sitting in your office on a Monday morning with a rapidly developing war face does not always give off the right signals.

So this week I’ve decided to pull it back a little and let myself wind down.. the peddle comes off the gas ever so slightly, and slowly but surely the fight leaves my system. I say leaves, being honest its not quite left yet. But a recharge is most certainly the order of the day before it’s time to step up again.

What I’ve noticed this week in training has made me happy inside. For the past few years I’ve heard the words ‘relax’ when I have been training or sparring. In fact, I still do. But for the first time I’ve found myself feeling a lot more relaxed,confident and focused inside sparring old faces and some new ones too.I know there’s a lot to improve but seeing the improvement in myself mentality and physically inspires me to keep pushing myself to be at my best.

So I’ve found again (it’s not the first time) that sometimes less is really more. Of course it’s important to train hard,and train as often as you can (I train 5 times a week, and have done so for a good few years now as well as running too) but it’s just as important to recharge, slow it down and see what it is exactly you have learnt of late.

I’ll be back at the gym next week. In the meantime I’m going to take it easy this weekend, and recharge with some good company. I’ve taken a lot home with me  and I’m feeling good about stepping up again soon. Have a good weekend all, and I’ll see you on the road.

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