I nearly didn’t write this (part 2 )

You know, I’ve been training for a little while now (6 and a half years ) and I’m far from perfect. Muay Thai hasn’t ever been something that comes easily to me, but I guess when you love what you do you just stay focused, and keep doing your best to achieve the goals you set yourself and you will end up achieving things that you didn’t think you ever would.

I nearly didn’t write this. I guess its down to me just getting on with it usually and doing my best to improve myself in training and in the rest of my life. Not always an easy task. Ultimately, it’s always a rewarding one. But here I am, tap tap tapping away at 12.02 on a Sunday.. and all I can  think about is fighting.

It’s something that’s become an increasingly big part of my life, and even when the dust has settled, the gloves have been hung up and I tell myself that its alright to have a rest now, I’ll be training for the sheer love of it for many years to come. By the way the first bit isn’t going to happen for a while. I’m having too much fun. 🙂

Win or lose, the test of myself with fighting is what I love the most. And besides, I think I’m getting better at it. It’s whats made me go back after some tough fights and now it seems the hard work is beginning to pay off. I guess it is the same with anything you set your mind too.. self belief and a good set of goals to focus on will always see you through.

I’m going to be sharing my training and fighting experiences with you as and when I can, win or lose, good or bad because its been one hell of a journey so far and if at least one person reads this and thinks ‘you know what if he can do it that means I can too’ then I will be a very happy guy indeed.

I’m uploading a couple of my fights later, as well as fights from some of my favourite fighters too. I’ll try and touch base with you once a week.  In the meantime, train hard and have a lot of fun doing it too. 🙂

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